The answer is different for each one of us. We all have different needs, different bills, and different wants. I want this, you want that. To satisfy these needs we need different amounts of money. If, we can pay all our bills we are making a living? It used to be said, you should put ten percent of your income in savings for retirement or a rainy day. I think now it should be a bit higher. That added to the income, now are we still making a living? It’s harder than ever before to make a good living. Wouldn’t it be nice to make that living from the comfort of our home.


The Internet–Make a Living Online


This is the new frontier for many people to strike out in a new direction, as far as making money goes. It’s full of pit falls and dead ends, most of which cost money. So it’s with caution that we muddle through the vast expanse of the web. Should we make a product and market it online, or sell someone else’s product for a small commission, or buy used products to resell online thru an auction. The potential is vast, with 3 billion people online as possible customers. This fact does give me hope that all of us may find a stream of income or many streams of income to help make a living online.

Income Sources Online

The sources of income are seemingly endless. And at the same time very elusive. The secret to success, as it always has been, is hard work and persistence; with emphasis on persistence. Keep going and don’t give up is the days moto. Multiple sources or streams of income may be the best answer.

The stream sources can be from affiliate marketing, sale of software you develop, an e-book you write, a blog you develop, or a product you have to sell, or many more ideas that only require a google search to locate.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best possible sources of income that is consistent and works 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Wealthy Affiliate has proven to be a gold mine of information and support. I enrolled in Wealthy Affiliate about a year ago, and although having gotten a slow start, have 3 websites started and will be updating this post as time goes on. And an in-depth review on “wealthyaffiliate.com” website.

There are a number of low paying income sources; clickbank, adsense, numerous survey companies. Sell your pictures to imagery sites; everyone has a camera on their phone now.


Income streams, the more the better. If one dries up, you still have the others. If possible build your business as diversified as possible, spreading your income from different sectors of the economy.


To make a living online, one must build a business with flexibility, and that requires as little maintenance as possible. This will allow you the time to continue to build your own empire to the size your need for comfort and security. To get the Most Advanced & Comprehensive Training in the Industry, Click Here!

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